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After the couple of sunny days we'e had here in Ireland it finally feels like Spring. I absolutely love a season changeover because I can start switching up my make up routine again and start finding new products, or products that I've forgotten about, to fall in love with. Recently I've been keeping my make up very natural with little eyeshadow, no eyeliner and tinted balms instead of lipstick and I've really loved it. When I received the Multipurpose Soothing Balms* from Dr.PAWPAW I was so excited to try them. Dr.PAWPAW is such a lovely brand and their products are genuinely really, really great.

I received three of their balms - Tinted Ultimate Red Balm, Tinted Peach Pink Balm and a Limited Edition Red Sparkle Balm and I really wanted to talk about them on my blog because I've been wearing them every day for almost three weeks!

Dr.PAWPAW is made from all natural ingredients and is paraben and alcohol free. The main ingredient in Dr.PAWPAW balms is Pawpaw which has natural healing qualities so their balms are amazing for protecting and moistuising the skin and lips and can be used as

I have very dry, cracked lips but wearing these balms every day has helped SO MUCH! I can't even describe how moisturising these balms are. They aren't sticky at all and soak into the skin/lips almost immediately. The light tint in the balms are perfect for Spring as the colour isn't overpowering. I especially love the peach shade because it is such a Spring colour.

The Limited Edition Red Sparkle shade is absolutely beautiful as it is has very small, subtle specks of glitter through it. You can't see it from my swatches but it does look different to the normal Red Balm in real life.

Dr.PAWPAW can also be used on the cheeks to add colour as well as the lips. I haven't tried this because I hate the thought of a lip product on my cheeks and vice versa but the shades are so pretty they probably would look lovely to add a slight sheen to your cheeks.

I find myself grabbing these balms so often because they are doing my dry lips wonders. They are so easy to throw into your bag for immediate hydration.

Dr.PAWPAW is also OFFICIALLY cruelty free. They have never tested on animals but have recently got official recognition, which is amazing.

You can purchase any Dr.PAWPAW products here.

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It's been just over two weeks since I wrote this post, where I reintroduced my goals posts. In case you missed that post (you should read it now, it's a good one, I promise) I basically talked about how I wanted to start setting myself goals again but this time around I wanted them to be simpler, more achievable and I wanted to write a post at the start of every month. It will be the same as my seasonal goals, so I will talk through my goals from the previous month and see how I got on with them and then I will discuss my new goals.

Here are my March goals:

Do something blog related every day. This was a very important one for me because my blog is something that keeps me motivated and reminds me that I'm not a complete failure. Although I didn't actually blog much (I wrote two posts UGH) I do think I achieved this goal. I've been working a lot harder on my Instagram this month, taking specific pictures just for Instagram and using my Instastories. I've been really enjoying it as I find that Twitter has become somewhere too negative for me to deal with and blogging can be too overwhelming at times. I'm having so much fun on Instagram and you should follow me (shameless!).

Go outside every day. Thanks to the amazing weather we had for a few days here in Galway I got outside more than enough. I felt so good the days I spent all day in the sun. Of course, there was some days I just about went to the shop but I think I did better than I would most months and this is something I'm definitely going to continue doing well into the summer.

Drink more water. Last month I touched briefly on how bad my skin had gotten and this was one of the reasons why I wanted to drink more water. I wouldn't say I've greatly increased my water intake but I have started drinking more than I had been. I'm not sure if it's the water, the fresh air I've been getting or the products I've been using but my skin has improved immensely.

Do yoga. As I said, doing yoga in college is hard. I did yoga, maybe once, this month when I went home. However, I'm back at home for three weeks so I know I'll get back into the swing of things.

Spend time getting ready in the mornings. Almost every day this month I did my make up and wore clothes I actually liked. It made the day a lot easier and I actually looked forward to getting out of bed.

So, all in all, I think I did pretty okay with my goals for March. Completing them made me feel a lot better, even thought they were very simple. Without any more rambling, here are my new April goals!

1. Do 10,000 steps every day:
When the weather was good, I got out a lot and it really improved my mood. During the sunny weather I was doing almost 20,000 steps every day which is TWICE the healthy amount. Because I'm the least active person, possibly ever, it's actually pretty difficult for me to reach the 10,000 BUT I'm going to try hard every day to reach my goal.

2. Blog, blog, blog:
I've got a lot of posts planned for my blog this month and because I'm off for three weeks I have a lot of time to work on it. I've recently lost my love for blogging but I'm slowly working on getting it back and I am excited to get back into it.

3. Focus on the positive:
I've been having a hard time finding the good in things recently. I tend to think it's the end of the world when one small bad thing happens and I often forget to focus on the happy things.

4. Read more:
I love reading. I used to get through at least one book a week but I haven't had the chance to read in a while. This month I want to get back into my love for reading because it is so lovely to get lost in a good book.

5. Improve my sleeping pattern:
I am THE WORST sleeper ever. I am a night owl and could spend hours staring at the ceiling at night. I tend to try to reorganise my entire life late at night (I'm not the only one, right?) Since coming home from Galway I've been waking up at 9AM every morning and I feel so much better. Now all I have to do is sort out my night time routine and stopped staying up past 4AM... I just need to finish Jane the Virgin first.

Once again I've set very simple, easily achieved goals. I'm focusing on becoming a better version of myself. My main goal is to get back to feeling myself again and I think completing these goals will help me towards reaching that final goal.

Have you set any goals for this month? 

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Today I thought I would sit down and write up a little update post. I've been quite MIA on my blog recently and I've felt very detached from social media which I usually really enjoy. I've felt very lost with regards to my blog and I'm not really sure what I'm doing or where I'm going with it anymore. Every time I try to blog I write four or five lines and then I give up. This is probably due to the difficulty I'm having in my life - how can I expect to write positive, happy posts when that's the opposite of how I feel?

I'm the type of person who likes to keep things to myself. When I have a lot going on in my life I tend to ignore and avoid it in a hope that it will pass. When it doesn't my mental health obviously starts spiraling downward. I hate letting people down, especially my family, so I talk even less. I hate for them to be let down just as they think I'm improving, so I keep all mental illness struggles to myself. With all that is going on at the moment, all the uncertainty and changes, it isn't a surprise that my head is literally mush and my mental health is in the bin. 

I'm in quite a bad place in my life. I don't know what the HELL I'm doing. College, I've decided, isn't really for me. I'm STILL struggling with how I feel about my Dad. I miss my friends. My OCD seems to get worse by the day. I'm just not as happy as I used to be and that's scary. I feel like I'm failing at everything and I'm scared.

I constantly have this strange feeling. I don't feel like ME anymore. Things I used to love doing seems like the biggest effort. I can't be bothered reading, writing, going out, shopping, baking. The things that made me happiest now feel draining and pointless. 

I've felt an intense anger inside of me for a number of days and I don't know the root of it. I feel like I could burst into tears at any given moment. I'm not a crier, but recently I've been crying. 

I feel like I'm going nowhere and I'm not sure if I think that's the worst thing in the world or, if I don't care at all. 

I'm not someone who doesn't care about things. I'm a worrier. I'm not apathetic. I like to plan my day to a T. I put effort into people and things. I like doing things. I'm not someone who sits and wallows. I'm not myself anymore. 

NETFLIX: What I'm Watching

My favourite thing ever to do is sit in and watch Netflix with a big bag of Doritos (which I can'teat atm because of Lent). Almost a year ago I wrote a post about what I was watching on Netflix and today I thought I would do the same. I love these posts because I am guilty of binge watching (I caught up with Riverdale in one sitting). I am always looking for new things to watch so I always find myself clicking on posts similar to this.

Full House: 
I've wanted to watch Full House FOREVER. I love the 80s because their style was just amazing. I started watching Full House a few weeks ago, and I'm very slowly making my way through it. Each episode is 20 minutes long which, for me, is a perfect length if I'm having breakfast at home, writing or taking blog pictures. I always watched That 70s Show when blogging so this is pretty similar. It's so light hearted and easy to watch but I've actually found myself crying at it more than I'd like to admit. Also, John Stamos is the most beautiful man in the world (but he has a weird belly button don't @ me).

Like I said, I watched Riverdale in one sitting. I literally couldn't stop clicking onto the next episode. It has Pretty Little Liars vibes but I'm enjoying it so much more (even though I invested YEARS into PLL). I love the characters, especially Jughead Jones AKA Cole Sprouse AKA the love of my life. The only thing I don't like about Riverdale is that I have to wait until Friday to watch it which is very unfair because the episodes never seem to be long enough.

Fall in Love with Me:
This is obviously my favourite show at the moment. Everyone knows I'm obsessed with Asia so, of course, I would love Fall in Love with Me. After watching 12 Years Promise, I thought it would be really hard to watch another Asian drama so I chose Fall in Love with Me because it seemed like it would be closer in similarity to Good Morning Call, which I loved because it was funny and light hearted, but Fall in Love with Me is probably more dramatic than 12 Years Promise. It's pretty much about forbidden love, forced marriage and friendship. As I've said before on my blog, if you can look past reading subtitles, I would really recommend watching an Asian drama because they are SO GOOD.

I've also just started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events which I think is going to be really good but I haven't properly got into it yet. I loved the story and I love Neil Patrick Harris so I'm sure I'm going to love it as well. And for anyone interested I've started watching a new anime series, Watamote, which is basically about a girl who thinks she will become popular when she starts High School but who is extremely socially awkward. I love the story but I also love that it references other animes throughout.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

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I may be almost TWO WEEKS late (can you believe we're already two weeks into March???) but I really really really wanted to do this post. I love March so much, and I'm feeling very positive about this month. March, for me, means the end of the dark and depressing evenings. Things are getting lighter and brighter and I feel happier. I hate January and February and I find that they are my worst mental health months and with everything going on in my personal life recently they were even harder than usual, but March means daffodils and lambs and pastel colours. March means everything is going to get a lot easier.

Recently I've found myself in a pit of bad mental health. Days upon days where I didn't feel happy. It's hard enough having one bad mental health day but when it goes on for weeks and weeks it's exhausting. I felt hopeless for a while, but that's not what this post is about. After Christmas I stopped doing my 'goals' posts, which I really loved doing. They're probably some of my favourite posts I've ever written. Recently I've fell out of love with my blog. I still love blogging but I hate my own blog. I'm not proud of it anymore and every time I try to write I find something wrong with it, but because I've been feeling like this I've decided to bring my goals posts back. I'm really excited about this.

This time around I'm going to do them every month because I found that when I did them a season at a time, so much time passed between each one that I kind of forgot to actually work towards my goals and I found that I was constantly failing. This was one of the reason I stopped doing them. They made me feel bad when I didn't complete what I wanted to, but once a month seems a lot more manageable. So I've decided on some goals for this month. They are quite simple but because of my recent low moods and bad mental health I've based them around things that I know will make me feel better every day.

1. Do something blog related every day:
I put a lot of pressure on myself to blog. Everything has to be perfect and when it's not, I get very frustrated and end up giving up. This month I've decided to do something blog related every day (I've been posting a lot over on Instagram) whether it's taking blog photos, using Instagram stories or planning posts. Blogging makes me so happy and keeping on top of my blog will allow me to have constant motivation. The more I think about my blog in my every day life, the more inspiration I get.

2. Get outside every day:
I'm guilty of staying in my comfort zone and not leaving the house unless I have to go to the shop to get food. Over the weekend the weather was beautiful and I went to the Spanish Arch and it put me in such a good mood. Despite what people probably think, I'm actually a very outdoorsy type person and being in the fresh air helps drastically boost my mood.

3. Drink more water:
Like I said, these goals are very, very simple, but I get headaches a lot and I blame it on not drinking enough water. I used to drink so much water and my skin thanked me. When my skin is bad, my mood is bad so drinking water will hopefully improve my skin, my mood and leave me with less headaches.

4. Do yoga:
I feel like I say this in every goals post and every 'attempt to improve my mental health' post but yoga is so beneficial and puts me in such a good mood. It's just a lot more difficult to do in it college, where I don't have a lot of room or a yoga mat, but this month I'm going to try.

5. Spend time getting ready in the morning:
Lately, I've spent five seconds choosing an outfit and gone most days without make up and although I love not wearing make up, I do love spending time putting effort into how I look and feeling preeeetty. Fashion and beauty are two things I love, and why I started this blog in the first place so doing something simple like wearing nice clothes and spending time playing with my make up will really help with my happiness.

So I have around two weeks left to put these goals into action. I'm really looking forward to getting back into these kinds of posts and hopefully, in turn, I'll learn to love my blog again.

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