Blas at The Gateway Lodge | Where to Eat

Last weekend my Mam, Dearbhla and I stopped off in Blas, a restaurant near where we live for a bite to eat. I've only ever had a light lunch in here so I was excited to try what they had to offer. I love this little restaurant as it is so cute, quirky and different. It's very bright and the atmosphere is really relaxed which I like a lot. 

The decor is really simple and the staff are so lovely and friendly. Their uniforms are beautiful, they are denim aprons with a white shirt - so gorgeous it makes me want to work there!

I went for a pulled pork burger with sweet potato fries and Mammy and Dearbhla had goujons and chips, which is delicious wherever you go. My burger was so yummy and I devoured the sweet potato fries (if you've never tried them, what are you doing with your life?)

If you're ever in Donegal Town and looking for a place to eat (or stay, as it also doubles as accommodation and is apparently beautiful!) definitely consider Blas at The Gateway Lodge!  

REVIEW: NYX 'Born To Glow' Liquid Illuminator w/ Swatches

Today I'm talking beauty. I feel as though I have neglected the beauty side of my blog recently as I haven't been wearing as much make up etc because I have been doing absolutely nothing. However, I have plenty of lifestyle posts coming up over the next week or two which means I have been out and about and I have been playing around with make up again, which makes me very, very happy. 

Today I'm talking about the NYX 'Born to Glow' Liquid Illuminator. NYX has been getting a lot of good rep recently and although I've only really used their lip products, I feel like I need to have a look into more of their products after using (and loving) this little gem.

I decided on the shade 'Gleam' as it is a beautiful, pink, almost rose-gold shade, which is perfect for my cool-toned skin. I've only ever used a couple of liquid highlighters which were more gold, so I did find it hard to work with this particular shade but I found that when I used it under my foundation, or mixed it in with my foundation, it gave me a very natural glow for every day wear. 

When I go out, however, I like my highlighter to be very dramatic and I like to lightly tap this onto the top of my cheekbones (using a damp beauty blender), and set it with another highlighter (recently I've been loving the highlighter from the Blush&Glow palette by Collection).

The texture of this product is lightweight and creamy. It blends easily onto skin leaving you with a natural glow. It is very easy to over do with this product as it is so pigmented so start off with a tiny amount and build as desired. 

For me, Gleam is a must-have in my make up collection as it is so easy to incorporate into your every day make up routine. A tiny amount of product placed on your brow bones, cheek bones, and/or mixed in with your foundation can brighten up your entire complexion, leaving you with a healthy and natural glow for summer!

'Gleam' (as well as three other beautiful shades) are available from as well as from for under €10.00.

Photo Diary: Sea Sessions with Lala

A few weekends ago I attended Sea Sessions in Bundoran with my best friend ever, ever, Laura. For those of you who don't know Sea Sessions is basically a weekend long festival in a small town in County Donegal. It's set up beside the sea and mainly consists of music, surfing (for people who can surf AKA not me), drinking and more drinking (more info here). This was my first time ever going to Sea Sessions but I already can't wait for next year (Laura, I'm dragging you with me).

The acts for day one were 99 Souls, Mark McCabe and Gavin James. I literally didn't know one word of Gavin James but that didn't stop me or Laura. We drank a lot of Desparados and took a lot of pictures with our festival make up. 

Day Two was a write off. We had a bottle of wine each by the sea (v romantic) and we both almost died. I lost my fav sunglasses and neither of us know what acts played. At least we looked amazing with our make up done again and I got to play Twisted. A+ day.

By day three we were dying. I looked like I had been pulled out of my grave (hence the lack of photos) and I didn't even think I was going to make it to Bundoran (We made it). We drank a lot of Desparados again and we got our make up done. Again. Tinie Tempah was amazing. Even though I love love loved the weekend I was so beyond happy to crawl into my bed by Sunday night. 

Overall I had the best weekend ever filled with silliness with my Laura and lots and lots of glitter! I'm so excited for next year (and to be reunited with Laura in September for more antics). 

My make up was done by Gill Lambert (gill.lambert92_) so feel free to give her a little follow 'cos she was so lovely and really talented!

NETFLIX: What I'm Watching

Summer in Ireland is boring, especially when you come from a small town like Donegal where all you can see for miles is green fields and dark skies. What's worse is most of my friends have jobs, my sister works and so, I'm left home alone all day every day with my dog. There's only so many hours in the day you can sleep so the rest of that time is spent binge watching TV shows on Netflix. I've watched everything from Orange Is The New Black to Pretty Little Liars to Your Lie In April but recently I've been loving these shows in particular: 

That 70s Show: 

I started watching That 70s Show when I finished college and one month later I have only 20 episodes left to watch. When I was younger I hated That 70s Show, mainly because I was probably too young to understand the jokes and never got why the gang sat in 'the circle' laughing - why was that so funny? (after spending a year in college I now completely get it). 
I have cried and laughed at this show and I feel so close to the characters, relating to all of them in some shape or form. I love Jackie's style, Kelso's innocence, Hyde's realism, Fez's humour, Eric's nerdy side and Donna's tomboy side. I love that it's a 90s show (because I love love love the 90s) but it's set in the 70s, another time era I wish I lived through. 
I find this show so easy to watch, with the episodes being only 20 minutes long, you can easily binge watch it in a number of weeks. I love That 70s Show so much I'm already planning on re-watching it as soon as I'm finished. Also can I just mention how CUTE Red and Kitty are!!! That is my marriage goals.

Scream (TV series):

I've only just started watching Scream but I've seen all the movies while I was growing up and I love them so much. I'm so obsessed with horror and gore, serial killings and crime. I also love that Scream touches on Cyber-bullying in such a unique way. I am only four episodes in but I can already tell that I love it!

Good Morning Call:

Everyone already knows I'm obsessed with anime but I thought I would give a proper Japanese TV show a go and Good Morning Call has 5 stars on Netflix so I thought it would be the best place to start. This show is absolutely the cutest thing ever! It's so funny but it has also made me cry..A LOT. At first it took me a while to get over to mediocre acting and the fact that they were not cartoon characters but real life people, but after the first two episodes I was hooked. I watched twelve episodes in two days and there is absolutely no sign of me slowing down. I love the characters, the storyline and obviously the fact that it's set in Japan. If you can get over reading subtitles I highly recommend giving this show a watch!

What shows have you been watching recently? 

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How I Deal With Insomnia

It's no secret that I am an awful sleeper. I have constant black circles under my eyes. Sleepless nights and anxiety tend to go hand in hand. With sleepless nights comes even more anxiety. It's a vicious cycle. For a long time I used to lie and stare up at the ceiling, worrying about how tired I'll be the next day, worrying that if I do fall asleep I'll sleep in and be late, worrying that I'll never sleep again. Worrying, worrying, worrying. There have been times where I have gone on fifteen hours sleep for up to four days. That is not healthy. Over the years I have become aware of what does and doesn't help me fall asleep and I thought today I would share my tricks with you. Many of these are very simple and may seem obvious but this is what works for me, and hopefully will help you too. 

Get into a routine:

I found that as soon as I got into a little bedtime routine where I would get my pyjamas on, take off my make up and sit with my sister to watch a couple of episodes of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars my body got used to shutting down at the same time every evening and it got prepared to sleep at the same time every night. 


If I'm in bed for hours and can't sleep I get very stressed which makes it even harder for me to fall asleep. Recently I've been getting out of bed and sitting up, in another room, until I get tired enough. When I get sleepy I'll go back to bed and usually I'll fall asleep pretty easily. This is similar to only associating your bed with sleeping, so I try to keep watching Netflix, being on my phone and even reading to a minimum.


This is a weird one and I've only got into it recently. It's actually kind of creepy (it's basically listening to people whisper and breathe into your ear) but it really works. There's so many videos on YouTube but this one is my favourite.

I highly suggest giving ASMR a try because it has been the most successful method for me recently,

Write it all down:

At night our worries reach all new heights. I could lie awake for hours and worry about yesterday, today, tomorrow and next year. I worry about my family and my health. I worry what would happen if there was a fire. If there's something to worry about, you can bet I've laid awake thinking about it at some stage. I find the best way to combat this is to get up and write all your worries down. I keep a journal near my bed and if my thoughts begin to get a bit much I'll sit up and write everything that pops into my head down, no matter how small or silly. Then when it's time to sleep there's nothing left to think about. 


Essential oils are my fave thing in the world and Lavender is probably the best, in my opinion. I cover my pillow in it and my Mam has recently started rubbing it on her feet and she says it's amazing! I'll definitely be trying this little trick out and I'll keep yous posted.

What helps you fall asleep? 

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